Why Doorframes?

It’s a common right of passage for kids. They realize, almost as much as parents do, that they are growing — getting bigger, smarter, and older. And the measuring stick for a child’s growth is, well, a measuring stick.

Parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles often get out the ruler, and tell their little ones to stand against the doorframe. Stand straight! Chin up! No tip-toes! You make a pencil mark even with the tops of their heads and measure the distance up from the floor. “Three-feet, eight-inches. You’re getting bigger.”

It’s a big moment for the child. They’ve instinctively known that counters are becoming easier to reach, ladders easier to climb, and — in the case of boys — toilets farther away when aiming. But now there it is, written on a doorframe. Proof of their vertical progression.

For parents, it’s a way for us to freeze their growth as well. The doorframe in Jay’s grandma’s house hasn’t been painted over since she started measuring grandkids 20 years ago. It’s important to freeze those moments, because they don’t last long. The vertical progression continues, as well as the mental progression, emotional progression, and (Lord help us) hormonal progression.

This is our little doorframe here on the Internet. For our children, Brayden (8/26/05) and Lydia (8/5/09), it won’t be painted over. We can walk by it at any time, and hope you do as well. You’ll find in this space the funny things they say, their progress as people, and more. You’ll also see our growth as parents, as we both fail and succeed. As Christians, we pray it’s less of the former, but they’ll be plenty of the latter.

When Moses gave the law to his people — the Ten Commandments — he also commanded them what to do with that law:

“Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads,” Moses declared. “Write them on the doorframes of your houses.”

Doorframes. We hope you enjoy reading ours.


5 Responses to Why Doorframes?

  1. Sherry says:


    I think this is so neat, it’s like a modern day photo album!

  2. Indiana Lori says:

    We’ve even rented movies On Demand! I can’t remember when I was last dressed, and we’ve gone through enough fruit to open a fruit stand. Today, I can feel the real wiggles setting in!

    LOVE your header and colors. Quite beautiful!

  3. Sarah K. says:

    Great title! I love it when parents capture these family moments in words and photos. Although I get to see you guys on a fairly regular basis, I’m pretty excited to catch more of the day to day stories of life in your household.

  4. Beth O. says:

    This is so cool! What a good idea to capture all of your memories! I’m excited to see what new things are put up here. 🙂

  5. Mindy P. says:

    Shayla, Jay, Brayden & Lydia… Thanks so much for sharing your lives with us in such a candid way. We miss you all tremendously and this makes us feel a bit closer to “home.” We love you all and can’t wait to read all the adventures your family will endure.

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