"Kids say the darndest things"

 Sometimes the things our kids say can’t be improved upon by our additional commentary.  

June 27, 2011

 Brayden: Mommy, what’s the difference between a republican and a democrat?

Mommy: Well, that’s a hard one to answer.  But basically they believe different things about how government should be run.

Brayden: What am I?

Mommy: You don’t claim a party now. You don’t need to decide that yet.  You can’t even vote until you are 18-year-old. But you can choose whatever you like when the time comes.

Then he proceeded to ask what each of his grandma’s were and then he asked me. Of course I told him I was a republican. Then he asked if there are any other political parties and I explained that to him. A few minutes passed after this and then he said.

Brayden: I think my destiny is to be a democrat.

June 25,  2011

Brayden: “Daddy, did the royal wedding take place yet?”


March 31, 2011

Brayden: “I’m going to read my Jonas Brothers book.”

Mommy: “Um. That’s a book about The Beatles.”

March 26, 2011

Brayden’s friends: “Thanks for having us over, Brayden.”

Brayden: “It wasn’t my idea.”

February 2011 – Brayden explaining a situation a school

Brayden: “Mommy, let me explain this in a way you can understand.”

February 11, 2011-Brayden drawing a picture on Grandma & Grandpa’s Valentine’s Day card. 

Brayden: This right here is Lydia holding a heart and that right there is Daddy scratching his bottom.

(Holding back a laugh)

Mommy: Brayden, that’s not funny!

Brayden: Oh, sorry, Mommy!

(As Brayden walks away, Mommy sneaks in a quick laugh.)

February 8, 2011- As Brayden is putting things into a bag.

Brayden: ….Last but not least. 

Mommy: Brayden, it can’t be last because you still have another one there. 

Brayden: Yeah it is. This is last but not least.  THIS one is last and least.  

February 6, 2011 – Before the start of the Superbowl 

Brayden: Daddy, are they going to sing the ‘American Idol’ ?  

Daddy: You mean the ‘National Anthem’?  

Brayden: Yeah, that.  


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  1. Indiana Lori says:

    OH, LOVE! I love, love, love it. I can’t stop laughing to all of them.

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