Meet the Family

The Family – July 4, 2010

Mommy Shayla – Shayla is the proud Mommy of Brayden and Lydia!  Jay and Shayla have been married almost seven years and live in the Indianapolis area. She is a Special Events and Communications Director at a local non-profit.  Shayla enjoys reading, theater and sports.  She also has a strange obsession with all things “Harry Potter.”

Daddy Jay – Jay works as a Communications Director in state government. He enjoys sports and politics.  Jay strongly dislikes yard work.

Brayden – Brayden is a pretty cool and funny kid and is currently a kindergartener.  He loves to read, play board games and build stuff out of Legos.  Brayden dislikes his inhaler.

Brayden has his very own space to write about whatever he wants. He wanted it named Brayden’s Best Blog….so there you have it. In order to understand it, you have to read as a five-year-old writes….phonetically. Enjoy!

Lydia – Lydia is a sassy, girly girl. She likes babies, books and blocks (alliteration not intended.)  She is 18-months-old and thinks she already runs the household, which is pretty much true as she already has her parents and her big brother wrapped around her finger.

The whole family attends Eagle Church in Zionsville, IN.


3 Responses to Meet the Family

  1. Amy Swor says:


    Left you a comment about having your dd’s ears pierced! Think you are a smart mommy for wanting to do it now.


  2. Amy Swor says:


    Left you a comment about having your dd’s ears pierced!


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