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The wizard of oz

I am a munchkin. I am a flying munkey. Mommy is a ozeine. We are in the wizard of oz. Win i am a fling munkey i am on the scarecrow. It was so much fun. I hope to do another plae.

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One More Time

Post written by Daddy Jay – I’ve never been able to pick out a favorite age for kids. I know it’s not 0-3 months. Yeah, those little babies are cute and all, but you gotta bring something to the table. Giggle? Roll over? You’re waking me up at night and making me change fifty diapers […]

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The next great thespian…

Our summer activities this year (besides our vacation and teeball) have been theater, theater and more theater. And finally on Friday, all of our hardwork and time paid off. Brayden and I have both been in rehearsals for the production of “The Wizard of Oz” since auditions in mid-April.  Luckily the rehearsal schedule wasn’t too […]

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Vacation 2011: Part II

Disney – June 18, 2011 The second half of our trip started out a bit rough.  We headed north for our three hour drive to Orlando right after dinner on Friday evening.  Lydia couldn’t get comfortable, so she started crying in her car seat.  It was my fault dressing her in an adorably cute tutu outfit.  […]

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Vacation 2011: Part I

We are still unwinding from our recent vacation.  A vacation that was much needed. We were looking forward to it for quite sometime.  So after my biggest fundraising event of the year at work took place, we were flying to Florida early the next morning. The main reason for yet another trip to Florida was […]

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Best Mother-in-Law in the World

To say my Mother-in-Law, Brenda, is an angel would probably be an understatement.  She is the best! She is someone I strive to be like.  She is kind, loving, and fun.  She always thinks of others before herself even if it might make life harder for herself.  Brenda decided to start watching the kids for Jay […]

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When Good Boys Go Bad

Parenting has its up and downs.  If you were anything like me, I thought taking care of a newborn was a lot of work when Brayden was born.  Then the newborn turns into a toddler and you quickly realize that newborns are a breeze. Toddlers you have to watch every second of the day. They are […]

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my tee ball game

Tee ball is fun. Tee ball is cool. My team is the angels. You should see me in my game. It is on saterday.

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A Special Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was extra special this year. Jay and I dedicated the kids at church. Of course the getting ready for church that morning wasn’t very fun.  I was exhausted from a quick trip to the region to attend a baby shower and to visit my new nephew in the NICU the day before.  That […]

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The Boys of Summer

Brayden started tee ball this year, and I can’t help but think I’m reliving “A League of Their Own”. We are a bunch of dads who never made it on our own, trying to manage a group of unmanageables. In the movie, it all comes to a head in that scene where Tom Hanks stands at […]

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