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Brayden wanted a space to write all to his self. He wanted it named “Brayden’s Best Blog”….so there you have it. And remember in order to understand it, you have to read as a 5-year-old writes – phonetically. Enjoy!

1st grade

1st grade is fun. I have lunch at scool. I have a nise teecher. I like my clas. I get to do 2nd grade math. Scool is fun. What grade are you in?

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The wizard of oz

I am a munchkin. I am a flying munkey. Mommy is a ozeine. We are in the wizard of oz. Win i am a fling munkey i am on the scarecrow. It was so much fun. I hope to do another plae.

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my tee ball game

Tee ball is fun. Tee ball is cool. My team is the angels. You should see me in my game. It is on saterday.

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a robot

we shod send a talking robot to space. it cod tel us if alyens are real! robots dont need to breth air bekus they are made of metel.

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my family

my family is fun.  my sister is fun to and shes a litol sasy to.

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the blog

the blog is fun to do. i love it so much. hmmmm it looks like yor interested.

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valentines day

you  are a hart and yor vary swete i love you in the morning  and win yor usleep.

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snow days

Playing in the Snow one day i plade in the snow and it was in ise storm. it was slipery.

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my dog kevin. i love him. kevin  is my stufed dog. i love him so much that i cant stop carigh him uround. he is the best.

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Brayden’s First Post

lydia is a sasy sasy sasy girl. i love her and her screming.

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