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Welcome to the world (3 1/2 months ago) Parker Alan!

I know this is a little late, but better late than never. The last time I wrote I was the mother to two children and now am a mother to three.  What an interesting shift it has been.  The hardest part has been trying to reason with sassy Lydia when I wasn’t getting a full […]

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Tomorrow’s the Big Day…

A lot has happened since my last post. The holidays came and went, we had Lydia assessed and eventually enrolled her at the same preschool Brayden went to, we had a room added to our house to make room for the baby, and I, of course, have gained a bit of weight and officially became […]

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Tradition, Tradition!

Sing the title of this post as if you were playing the role of  Tveye in The Fiddler on the Roof.  Which by the way is one of my favorite musicals of all time.  I have in fact been in the musical twice and will audition for it again and again whenever it rolls around.  It […]

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And Along Came Three…

Let me first premise this post by saying I have written it in stages.  Mostly because I wanted to get it all down, while also keeping it close to the vest for awhile.    Yes, this is a giant pickle on a stick! And yes, I am pregnant! Sunday, September 18 –    I’m pregnant!  Yes, […]

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Belated Birthday Blog for Brayden

I’ve been catching heat for some time now for not writing a blog about Brayden’s 6th birthday. It was a month ago, and — as Brayden recently learned — he is now 6 and 1/12 years old. Billy Crystal once did a bit about his mother continually counting his age by month. So, in the […]

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1st grade

1st grade is fun. I have lunch at scool. I have a nise teecher. I like my clas. I get to do 2nd grade math. Scool is fun. What grade are you in?

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Of Bikes and Bravery

Have you ever had an attribute ascribed to you that you didn’t deserve? Something happened once so it got stuck? Like my in-laws say that I’m scared of midgets. That’s completely untrue. Sure, one time while walking in the dungeonous basement of the Indiana Statehouse, I was startled by a midget. Sure, maybe I gasped, […]

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The Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, we threw a bash to celebrate Lydia turning 2 and Brayden turning 6.  The nice thing about having your children in the same month is that you only have to throw one birthday party!  But the challenge of having two different genders is the party theme.  We can’t do princesses because […]

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The Tooth Fairy Flew

It has been an unusually busy summer. A summer we thought would be all relaxation.  And before we were even able to start, it all came to an end today as Brayden walked out the door headed to his first day of 1st grade. Of course I was “that mom” and busted out the camera, taking the traditional […]

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Liddybug is 2!

I’m not sure how it has been two years since Lydia first graced us with her presence.  It feels like just yesterday I was swaddling her tight. Then I blinked, and now we are putting her to sleep in her “big girl” bed. On Friday, Lydia officially became a big kid in our house. We don’t wait until […]

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