Tradition, Tradition!

The fam on our annual apple orchard trip.

Sing the title of this post as if you were playing the role of  Tveye in The Fiddler on the Roof.  Which by the way is one of my favorite musicals of all time.  I have in fact been in the musical twice and will audition for it again and again whenever it rolls around.  It is just that good.

If you haven’t seen this classic musical (shame on you) it’s about the traditional roles each family member plays in their Jewish society and breaking away from those roles. I’m all for “coming of age” and women’s rights, etc., etc., but traditions can also be good if left untouched.

I grew up with many traditions, though they weren’t actually dubbed a “tradition.”  They were just things we always did and expected.  The tooth fairy always brought a silver dollar for the loss of a first tooth, we colored Easter eggs together every year, without fail on Christmas morning we would be woke up to the brightest light in the history of man that was attached to my dad’s video camera. I’ve carried on all of those traditions, except for the bright light which we haven’t needed since Brayden is the one waking us up super early in the morning to go open presents.

Brayden & Lydia 2011

So now that Jay and I have our own family we have started our own traditions. Things such as measuring the kids at the doorframe, having them open a new book and pajamas on Christmas Eve, and my favorite fall tradition- visiting the apple orchard each year.

When Brayden was a year old we decided to visit the apple orchard near my parent’s home in northwest Indiana.  It is such a great place to have lunch, shop, pick apples, and talk to Peter the Pumpkin Eater.  We had such a wonderful time that first year, we’ve made the trip back every year since. It has become a staple in our fall line-up.


We take the whole family along with us.  And this year, baby Kaden had his first

Grandpa finding the best apple.

experience apple picking too.  I love how my dad (AKA Grandpa F.) gets really into the picking.  He searches high and low for the perfect apple.  He’ll break down the tree just to get one perfectly round and juicy apple.

Fall used to be my most dreaded season until I had children.  I hated the fact that the leaves were falling off the trees and it was becoming so brown outside.  The change of the weather and the cold rain didn’t make it any easier to adjust to.  But since we have started doing these fun activities each year I’ve started to anticipate the return of fall.

Besides the apple orchard, we also visit the pumpkin patch.  And in our case a place that has pumpkins and lots of kid activities without a real patch.  I crack up because they just throw pumpkins that they had shipped in into a field.  No vines to detach or rows to walk through.  Plain and simple it’s just grab and go. Nonetheless we have a great time visiting every year.

Another fun tradition we have adopted is the annual cotton ball Santa poster that Grandpa K. makes for the kids.  Starting at the beginning of December Santa doesn’t have a beard, but each day the kids each add a cotton ball anticipating the arrival of Christmas.  So by Christmas morning Santa is complete.  Brayden looks forward to the cotton ball Santa each year.

Putting cotton balls on Santa's beard.

And that is what I think traditions are all about.  Looking forward to the fun moments with your family.  And we’ve had lots of those moments during this fall/winter season in our home.

What traditions do you celebrate in your homes?

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  1. Sarah Owens says:

    What a great way to have something to look forward to throughout the entire year. I love having traditions to carry every year in your family. I am going to have to start thinking some up for when our little guys arrives!!

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