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6th Birthday Cake

I’ve been catching heat for some time now for not writing a blog about Brayden’s 6th birthday. It was a month ago, and — as Brayden recently learned — he is now 6 and 1/12 years old. Billy Crystal once did a bit about his mother continually counting his age by month. So, in the words of Mr. Crystal’s mom, Brayden is now 73 months old.

If that seems like a lot, it is. Seventy-three months BEFORE Brayden was born, I was preparing to enter my junior year…of high school. So life change quite a bit in 6 and one-twelfth years.

Opening presents

Not only have I grown (mainly outward), but Brayden has grown from a tiny little baby that Shayla held in her palm for pictures shortly after he was born to a kid who Shayla now struggles to lift. When Shayla cleaned out her closets a few weeks ago, she found an old, orange Super Mario Brothers T-shirt she used to wear in college. Brayden wore it the next day like it was tailor-made for him.

We celebrated Brayden’s 6th a couple of times. The first was at the Circus birthday party, where family and close friends celebrated both kids’ August birthdays. But the second celebration was a first: a sleepover party.

Happy 6th Birthday, Brayden!

Brayden invited four friends (two neighbors, one buddy from his 1st grade class, and one preschool friend) to come over after school one Friday night and sleep over. Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy were a little nervous. Surely some kid was going to get scared, or sick, or injured and I’d have to make a 3 a.m. drive to Clarian North.

Thankfully, none of that happened. The kids ate hot dogs and mac and cheese — Brayden’s chosen birthday dinner for two years running — for dinner, ate cake, and spent a good amount of time playing Star Wars outside. Before long, we brought the kids inside with a bribe of popcorn and “Despicable Me”.

Playing Star Wars

The kids were in their sleeping bags by 8:30 or so watching the movie. We paused it about an hour in so they could brush their teeth, and then they finished out the movie.

Everyone was asleep by 10:30 p.m. (10:30!). I feel like we should put on a seminar about how to run a slumber party.

The kids left the next morning and Brayden was as happy as I can remember him being. I’m sure I’ll see a lot of sleepovers in my day, but I’ll always remember the first one, and the 72-month old who made it happen.

Brayden & his 1st sleepover friends.

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