The Tooth Fairy Flew

Brayden's first day of school - 1st Grade - 8.15.11

It has been an unusually busy summer. A summer we thought would be all relaxation.  And before we were even able to start, it all came to an end today as Brayden walked out the door headed to his first day of 1st grade. Of course I was “that mom” and busted out the camera, taking the traditional picture in the kitchen getting ready to head out the door.  I trailed behind Brayden, with Lydia in tow,  shooting pictures as he walked to the neighbors’ house.  Lydia insisted on getting her first day pictures taken too while wearing her backpack.

Lydia insisting on being in the "first day" photos.

 A lot of growing up has been happening in our home lately.  Lydia turned two, Brayden is going to school all day, and just a few short weeks ago Brayden lost his first tooth. It was a very exciting day.

Look at the hole in his mouth!

Brayden had been working on that tooth for quite sometime.  We wiggled and wiggled and wiggled some more until it was basically hanging by a thread.  When we are at Great Papaw’s house for a picnic with the family, Brayden was eating and said, “Mommy, my tooth is really loose now.”  So I grabbed a napkin and pulled at his tooth and it slipped right out. At first I don’t even think he realized that it was no longer in line with the others.  But when I showed it to him, he got super excited. 

Great Papaw and Brayden

 It was a special day losing his tooth at Great Papaw’s house with a bunch of the family there to see.  Later that evening when we were home and getting ready for bed, Brayden made all the preparations for the tooth fairy.  He put his tooth in a Ziploc® and carefully placed it under his pillow.  Then he got right in bed, because he was told the tooth fairy doesn’t come until you are asleep.

Placing his tooth under his pillow.

As a parent, Brayden losing his tooth was just as exciting as when I lost my first tooth.  It is neat to have all those same feelings of anticipation and excitement like a kid again, but this time being on the other end of things. 

The tradition in my family is that the tooth fairy delivers a silver dollar when you lose your first tooth.  So I felt it was neccessary to carry on that tradition.  But of course I wasn’t prepared and Brayden had to go and lose his tooth on a Saturday afternoon when the banks were already closed.  But don’t worry, the tooth fairy is smart.  The next morning Brayden awoke to a $5 bill and a note that read:


It’s been a very busy night!  Lots of kids lost their first tooth, and I ran out of silver dollars.  Take this extra dollar to the bank and they’ll give you a new silver dollar!


The Tooth Fairy

Excited about the tooth fairy coming.

He looks adorably cute with the small hole in his mouth.  A few other teeth are now loose and will be gone before we know it.  Hopefully this Christmas that famous song will ring true in our household.

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