The Birthday Party

The party spread

A few weeks ago, we threw a bash to celebrate Lydia turning 2 and Brayden turning 6.  The nice thing about having your children in the same month is that you only have to throw one birthday party! 

But the challenge of having two different genders is the party theme.  We can’t do princesses because Brayden would organize a strike in the front yard and we can’t do a Star Wars theme or Lydia would probably cry her eyes out and think the world is ending.  So a gender neutral theme is necessary.  So this year we chose a carnival theme because who doesn’t love eating junk food and playing chintzy games? And that is exactly what we did.

Popcorn, Peanuts, Jones Soda and Candy Galore

We had all the staple foods you would find at a fair: hot dogs, corn dogs, nachos, cotton candy and popcorn.  We had plenty of sugar to go around.  I apologize to all the parents. I’m sure all the kids left on a sugar high. One of Jay’s cousins joked with me and asked, “Is the grand prize a shot of insulin?” 

I seriously put this party together at the last minute.  My work schedule had been super crazy in the weeks prior to the party so I had to plan, shop and decorate basically in a matter of two days. Good thing my parents and my sister came down a night early to help me with some of the preparations.  The only thing that I actually spent a bit of time on was my popcorn cupcakes.  My mom and sister are saints for helping me make those adorably cute little things the night before the party.

Popcorn Cupcakes

The only thing I asked Jay to take care of was the games.  And in true Jay fashion, he put it together in the hour before the party.  If I had the time, I would have taken care of all of that part too and spent a little more time on it.  But even though the Bozo buckets didn’t match and there were only like four rubber duckies to pull out of the water, the kids still had fun. Aunt Sarah, Uncle Scott and others helped us “man” the stations and the prize table and the kids just played away while I ran around taking pictures.

Lydia playing the carnival games.

Brayden with his cool face paint that Aunt Kelly did.

After the game playing we sang happy birthday and ate a bunch of cake.  And then we let the kids open their presents.  Everyone seemed to a have a good time and that’s the most important part.  Jay and I recently saw a show called Outrageous Kid Parties.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  It’s about mom’s who spend ridiculous amounts of money on these outlandish parties for their children. 

Singing Happy Birthday to Brayden!

Singing Happy Birthday to Lydia!

Jay always says I put way too much into the birthday parties for the kids, but I disagree.  I don’t even come close to the crazies in that show.  What they need to realize is that for kids to have a good time you don’t have to hire a band to write them an original song, take them to the spa and spend $2,500 on a cake that looks like a guitar.  Just grab a few tin cans, have a bunch of cheap junk food and invite your best friends and the kids will have the time of their lives.

Lydia opening presents

Brayden opening presents

Happy Birthday party Brayden & Lydia!

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3 Responses to The Birthday Party

  1. Indiana Lori says:

    I loved it! And tell Jay that all men think Moms put too much into their parties, no matter how much or little they do. I think they are weirded out by the amount of emotion we put into it, not the amount of effort!

    It was an adorable party! Loved it!

  2. Camille says:

    It was an amazing and adorable party. Loved the theme and you did such a good job.
    Did Lydia ever get any cash for that purse?

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