Liddybug is 2!

Lydia saying she is two while holding up four fingers.

I’m not sure how it has been two years since Lydia first graced us with her presence.  It feels like just yesterday I was swaddling her tight. Then I blinked, and now we are putting her to sleep in her “big girl” bed.

On Friday, Lydia officially became a big kid in our house. We don’t wait until 3 or 4 or 5 to officially declare our children “big” kids.  We start them early.  Lydia started taking responsibility for things a few months ago like walking up and down the stairs the correct way, taking time-outs and even going potty.

Getting her ears pierced.

And do you remember this debate?  Well, she did turn two, and Daddy made good on his promise. So Lydia got her ears pierced!  She was such a good girl.  I have always explained to my children what is going to happen in stressful/scary situations.  I think that is the best way for them to relax a little instead of springing things on them causing them to freak out.  I explain what is going to happen at the dentist and pediatrician. I even explain boring/uncomfortable situations to them.  “This is going to be a lot of waiting around and will probably take awhile, but I need you to behave and stay quiet and it will help us get out of here sooner.”  So ear piercing was nothing different.  I told Lydia that it is going to feel like a pinch when they pierce her ears.  I even demonstrated this to her and squeezed her ear lobes to show her what it would be like.  She knew she had to sit real still and so she did.  The aftermath was one little “ow” and about 10 seconds of crying.  As soon as she saw herself in the mirror the crying stopped and was quickly followed by her saying “pretty.”

Mommy & Lydia right after the ear piercing.

We made a whole day out of celebrating turning 2.  First we had her 2 year well visit at the doctor’s office.   At 27  pounds, Lydia is coming in at the 63rd percentile.  She is hitting 36% with a height of 33 1/4 inches.  And of course if you are a part of Daddy Jay’s family, your head is ginormous.  Lydia came in at the 86th percentile with a 49cm head circumference.

Grandma & Lydia at the zoo.

Baby Kaden's (and Aunt Kelly's) first zoo visit.

After that was over we took off for the zoo.  Daddy even made the visit with us. He took the day off work to celebrate with us.  Grandma  and Grandpa Foley and Aunt Kelly and baby Kaden made the trip with us too.  We had a great time!


After the zoo we hit up Chuck E. Cheese, where the other set of grandparents and Uncle Scott and Aunt Sarah joined the party.  After Chuck E. delivered the cake we sang happy birthday to our “big” girl.  She then was super excited to get to the games and ran straight for the pony ride as soon as we cut her loose. Lydia is completely and utterly girl.  She is the stereotypical Miss Priss.  She loves playing with babies and getting a bow in her hair.  She loves playing dress up and putting on pretend makeup.  I’m sure one day she is going to ask to have a real “hee haw” for Christmas. What’s that? You don’t know what a “hee haw” is? In Lydia’s world, “hee haw” means “horse”. I have no idea where she came up with that.

Lydia riding the "hee haw".

Her talking has become even more nonstop.  You can’t always understand her.  But for the most part, Brayden and I can translate pretty well.  At night when I put her to bed she insists on “girl talking”.  But her girl talking is extremely funny.  She gets about an inch from my face and whispers to me.  But she doesn’t say any real words while whispering. It’s all mumbo jumbo.  But she laughs because to her she has said the funniest thing ever mentioned before.

Lydia being silly with Uncle Scott & Aunt Sarah on her birthday.

The big girl bed transition has been a piece of cake.  We read a book as normal in the rocking chair.  Then of course she says “one mah tah“.  But recently, to daddy’s chagrin, it has become a more distinct “one mah time.”  So we move to the bed and read it once more.  Then it is “nigh nigh book”.  We girl talk, I pat her for a one minute and then I kiss her goodnight and close the door behind me.  She hasn’t gotten out of bed yet.  And she still sits by herself  in the morning looking at books before she is ready to get up.  The very first night, Jay and I were sitting downstairs and we heard a loud thunk upstairs.  So we both sprinted up to Lydia’s room.  She was on all fours next to her bed, but I think she was still asleep.  So I just picked her up and put her back in bed.  I then proceeded to put pillows next to her bed just in case she tumbled out again.  But other than that, it has been a smooth transition.

Getting into her big girl bed for the first time.

And the potty training…she is basically doing it herself.  Before she turned two she was already sometime telling us when she needed to go.  We just a few days ago started making it a point to take her more often.  I’m sure she will be trained before the month is over. It is completely true that kids will only start using the potty when they are ready.  And until then, it isn’t worth the fight.  The nice thing with Lydia (and maybe it is a second child thing) is I never had to fight her with it. I wouldn’t say I had to fight Brayden, but he wasn’t ready for it until just before he was two and a half. So with him I was pushing for it, with her she is pushing me with it.  I’m okay with that!

Hand in hand.

Lydia is copying everything Brayden does.  She sings and dances his Lollipop Guild song from The Wizard of Oz, plays with all his toys in the exact same manner that Brayden plays with them and is always following him around.  She insists on holding his hand more than mine when we are out and about.  She adores him and still calls him “Bray Bray”, even though she is completely capable of saying “Brayden”.

With the age of two came even more independence.  She wants to do everything on her own.  It is a struggle to get her to hold my hand when walking in a store.  It is a struggle to get her to let me help her brush her teeth or her hair.  It is a struggle to get her to let me help her up and down stairs. It is a struggle trying to help her into a chair.  She just wants to do all these things by herself.  “No, I do dat.”

Happy 2nd birthday, Liddybug!

But the one thing that isn’t a struggle with her is getting her to give me a hug and a kiss and hearing the words “I love you”.  She is the sweetest two-year-old. She is super loving and very polite.  She says please and thank you 99% of the time and even tells herself “welcome” after saying thank you. I live for the hugs and kisses.  And the girl talk.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Liddybug!  I love you!

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