Vacation 2011: Part I

Fun, relaxing vacation - 2011

We are still unwinding from our recent vacation.  A vacation that was much needed. We were looking forward to it for quite sometime.  So after my biggest fundraising event of the year at work took place, we were flying to Florida early the next morning.

Meeting baby Luke

The main reason for yet another trip to Florida was to meet my new nephew, Luke.  And that is exactly what we did that first day.  We all got to meet him, kiss and snuggle him.  He is a spittin’ image of my brother.  Which ultimately means he will grow up to look just like my dad.  He is definitely a keeper. 

After meeting my nephew, we all went over to my sister Mindy’s house to swim with my nieces.  A nice, relaxing first day was exactly what we needed.

Beach day!

The next morning we didn’t even pause at the idea of hitting up Fort Myers Beach!  Baby Luke even joined us for his first beach day! The kids couldn’t get enough of the water, sand, and sun.  Of course we applied and reapplied our 50 spf sunblock and we kept baby Luke underneath an umbrella.  He still managed to get his cheeks a little pink though.  But hey, a little vitamin D is good for everyone, right?

Baby Luke and mommy Nicole


Hole in One!

That night we met up with the whole clan and took the kids miniature golfing.  It was such a good time!  Brayden and my niece, Ellie, golfed one hole ahead of us all.  They were our fearless leaders.  On one hole all 4 kids got a hole-in-one!

Brayden, Emmie, Ellie and Lydia

The girls

The next day Jay and I took the kids to the Imaginarium.  It’s basically a children’s museum.  Though they had a good time, it isn’t half as good as the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  Our favorite parts were the koi pond and the area where the kids could pet the sting rays.  Brayden also got inside this little room with Jay that simulates a hurricane. He though it was “pretty cool.” Though I don’t think his face quite depicted his statement.

No fear, Lydia, petting sting rays

The hurricane simulator

Brayden and Daddy in the hurricane simulator

After the imaginarium we headed back over to my sister’s house to swim and also to have a quadruple birthday party. All four or our kids birthdays are in July and August. We bought a cake, wrote all the kids’ name on it, and sang happy birthday.  They exchanged gifts and ran amok in my sister’s house.  It was a lot of cousinly fun!

Happy birthday to all the kids!

The last day we were in Fort Myers we headed back to the beach.  This time with cousins in tow.  Brayden spent most of his time building sand castles and creating mini pools in which some older boys he met on the beach were dumping little fish into for him.  This day gave me time to catch up with Mindy.  I miss her a ton and love when we get to spend time together.

Beach day with the cousins

That evening before we made our 3 hour drive to the north we met my brother and sister-in-law for a great dinner at Olive Garden.  I got my last few kisses and hugs and snuggles in with handsome baby Luke before we hit the road.

Uncle Carey, Aunt Niki, Luke, Brayden and Lydia

The first half of our vacation was great being able to spend it with some of my family.  I wish we all lived closer.  I swear everytime I see my nieces they seem so much bigger. All four kids had a great time playing together.  They just pick right back up where they left off.  And so do my siblings and I.

Stay tuned for the second half….

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4 Responses to Vacation 2011: Part I

  1. Nichole says:

    Love love love love…. Everyones children are getting so big.
    I miss the entire family

  2. Mindy P. says:

    What a fun thing to read. We had a SUPER time with all of you. I can’t wait to see Part II as I’m sure it will include the fun we had at Universal Studios and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (and the stuff we did with the kids, too!)… LOL – Love and Miss you ALL!

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