Welcome Baby Luke & Baby Kaden

It was a pretty exciting April to say the least.  Our family was blessed with two beautiful baby boys, both of them deciding to come out and meet us a bit early.  Now they are here and ready to tackle the world!

Handsome Baby Luke

My brother and his wife gave birth to baby Luke on April 12. I haven’t personally met him yet, but via the pictures and videos I have seen, he looks like a handsome little man. My brother and my older sister both live in Florida.  I don’t like the distance between us at all.  Especially now that we are all expanding our families.  My nieces seem to grow up so much in between the times we get to see them.  And sadly, Luke will be two months old by the time we get to meet him.  We have our flights booked for June and we are counting down the days until we can hold handsome baby Luke in our arms.

Precious Baby Kaden

The other early arriver was a little too early!  7 weeks early to be exact.  Precious 5 lbs 4 oz baby Kaden surprised us on April 28.  I have never seen a newborn with so much hair.  I told my sister that if he cooked for 7 more weeks that he would have had hair down to his knees.

On the morning of April 28, I called my sister and said, “You better have this baby before Jay, the kids, and I head to Florida to go meet Luke.”

I promise I didn’t mean that day.  But sure as can be a few hours later she had her first signs of labor.  A few weeks prior to this my sister told me that I was allowed to be in the delivery room when the baby arrived. Now I’m a person that gets completely queasy at the sight of blood or needles or just the thought of blood or needles.  So I told my sister I didn’t think I wanted to be in the room with her.  I think she was a little offended by this.  She was in the delivery room when Brayden and Lydia were born and so I think she expected me to be in the room with her.  Well when the time came to make the decision I did in fact decide to stay. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  Seeing my beautiful nephew being born was one of the neatest things I have ever witnessed.  It was truly a blessing to see a new life enter this world.  The sound of his first cry was one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. And seeing my sister become a mom herself was a truly rewarding experience.

The new mommy feeding Kaden for the first time.

All these babies are giving me “baby fever.”  I’m ready to have another one of my own to snuggle day in and day out.  Being a parent is the best!  Today my brother said, “Being a Dad is even better than I have ever imagined.” 

Proud Aunt Shayla

Welcome to parenthood, Carey, Nicole, Kelly and Robb!  It truly is better than you can ever imagine.

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  1. Indiana Lori says:

    Wow, he is big for his birth date! Kelly was barely bigger than that, and she was full term. Had he gone 7 more weeks, that would have been a 10 lb baby. Bless his little heart. They are both so precious! Congratulations!!

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