Best Mother-in-Law in the World

Grandma Kenworthy and Lydia at Brayden's tee ball game.

To say my Mother-in-Law, Brenda, is an angel would probably be an understatement.  She is the best! She is someone I strive to be like.  She is kind, loving, and fun.  She always thinks of others before herself even if it might make life harder for herself. 

Brenda decided to start watching the kids for Jay and I one day a week. (This is the first God send moment. To know my kids are home safe with someone we know and trust is the greatest gift someone can give a parent. So thank you, Brenda!)  Thursdays are her day now.  Today was her first Thursday.  And of course in true Lydia fashion, miss sassy was rearing her ugly head.  Brenda said she couldn’t satisfy her for more than 10 minutes at a time today.  Everything she asked her had the response of “no.”  But when asked if she wanted Grandma to go home her response was “yeah.” 

Sassy Lydia

In spite of Lydia’s bad attitude, Brenda was still bound and determined to have a great day with the kids.  So after picking Brayden up from kindergarten she took them to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal.  Here she found herself in the slew of a mess.  Long lines, no where to sit, someone tripping Brayden, and of course still a sassy Lydia.  But they trudged through.  After this she braved a grocery store run to pick up some supplies for dinner.  Yeah, you heard (or read) that right.  My Mother-in-Law went to the store and picked stuff up so she could have a home cooked meal ready on the table when Jay and I got home from work with no intention on staying and enjoying her awesome creation with us.

The menu

She let Brayden prepare the menu and he chose chicken fettucine alfredo, fruit, bicuits, and brownies. And so that is what they made. Brayden wrote out the menu and then they cooked.  When we were eating dinner Jay asked Brayden, “Did Lydia help?” and Brayden’s reply was, “She just made it harder.”  That sounds about right.  Now there is something you must know about Brenda — she is the world’s BEST cook.  Everything she makes is delicious.  I need to know how she made the best chicken fettucine alfredo with no planning, no recipe, and two kids (one who was being difficult).

The picture doesn't do this justice. It was delicious!

Not only did she make dinner, she also gave Lydia a bath and had Brayden shower before I came home.  After his shower, Brayden decided he needed to “dress nice” for dinner so he put on his best plaid outfit.  Just call him Mr. Plaidy McPlaiderston.  He told Brenda that plaid and plaid just had to match. 

Plaid matches plaid, right?

Now having dinner on the table and the kids bathed made for a really easy, relaxing evening.  I didn’t have to do any work. All we had to do was play with the kids and read them a bedtime story. Easy peasy lemon squeezy as Brayden would say.

Brownies decorated by Brayden for Memorial Day

Thank you, Brenda!  You are loved more than you will ever know.  You are a true woman of God that I strive to be like.  You are so much like Mamaw in that regard.  She would have done anything for anyone. And even though we miss her like crazy, it is a blessing to see that her wonderful qualities have been carried on through you.

P.S. Mom – I think you are the greatest Mom in the world too!

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  1. Indiana Lori says:

    Or as Sara would say, “Easy Peasy Fat Man Squeezy”. Now I’m hungry for Chicin Fetucheny. I’m officially changing my recipes to Brayden’s spelling because they make me happy.

    I’d like to tell you that Lydia will outgrow the drama, but I walked my girls out of Avery’s graduation tonight, drove them home, fed them, and put them straight to bed. We skipped the family dinner, the cake, and books…they were that bad. Girls just take A LOT of parenting. I told them they could be a good example or a horrible warning…up to them.

    Big hugs to your Mother-in-Law! AWESOME! Mine is too!

    Love, Lori

  2. Sherry (Grandma) says:

    Thanks Shayla. I think your a really wonderful mom too, and I’m happy you have such loving in-laws and that you and my grandchildren get more love and support you need to survive this tough world!

  3. Sherry (Grandma) says:

    P.S. But I wish you lived closer to me!!!!

    • Elly says:

      It’s posts like this that make surfing so much plrsauee

    • Jeff, I am a Stage 4 cancer survivor. I read your post in the Executive Protection forum written by an obvious friend whose first name is Jason. I than went to the link and found you are here in Arizona. I would like to not only offer my prayers for you and your family, but also any guidance you may need or help when you go through the treatments. Lift yourself in Prayer to god who is the ultimate healer and you will find great peace in that. I know I did. Keep a smile on for all those who are professionals in the medical field. I was in Banner Baywood for 2 months undergoing tremendous therapy from surgeries to Chemotherapy. I am here today only by his grace and the support of my family and friends. But please know that this is something even when you are found to be in complete remission you will deal with for the rest of your life, and having the ability to discuss it with people who have gone through it and survived is the only way too truly understand. God bless you and your family. My contact email is in this posting but I will put it in the body if you would like to talk. I am a Professional Investigator and Executive Protection agent and assume you are in the same field based on where I saw the posting. Email me at Again God bless and you will get through this, but you will have to fight and fight hard my brother.In His GripKelly Townsend

  4. Brenda says:


    You make it easy to be a good mother-in-law. Not only are you a wonderful daughter-in-law (I happen to have the 2 best in the world) but you are a fabulous mom. You must have learned from one of the best. Thanks Sherry, for sharing her with us.

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